Waiting is the Hardest Part

Waiting is not usually fun for any circumstance. Waiting in line, waiting for your turn, waiting to know you got into college, waiting for you significant other to propose, waiting for him to agree it’s time to “try”, waiting for your baby to grow, waiting to deliver your precious bundle…waiting to give him a sibling.

After pregnancy loss and miscarriage…waiting isn’t just hard. It’s life consuming and sometime excruciating.

And I’m an army wife…I know a thing or two about waiting and should be an expert at coping by now. But,

After our first loss, I had no choice but to wait. My husband had to return to finish a deployment and I had to recover from surgery and focus on comforting and caring for our little boy (1.5 years old at the time).

Then, as soon as husband was home, we were so sure we would be starting our next journey to having baby #2. We got right to work, the both of us were very diligent, tee-hee-hee.

Boom! Diligence paid off and we waited for good news but had close supervision because of my higher risk. We returned to the doctor weekly but the waiting between those appointments seemed unbearable then. Especially when we started getting bad news that could only be explored more by…WAITING to see.

And, then, the world sunk from beneath our feet again as we learned we would not be meeting our new addition in this world, yet again. While we coped with another loss, I knew I would not be able to stand waiting to try again. Thankfully, husband agreed and we didn’t really skip a beat, neither did my body. With all signs given that my body was back to “work” again…for once I didn’t have to wait. And we tried to conceive after my first cycle.

But, waiting (that Bitch!) has entered my life again. I have officially been tracking ovulation for the past 2 weeks and now we are in the TWW (two week wait) period. Which I think most women TTC would agree to rename the TWW the eternal excruciating epic wait, no?

While I wait, I google. I try to find positive stories and spins on TTC after MC. I found a couple that encouraged me and want to point you in their direction because OH My Goodness, they express my feelings pretty accurately. Never thought I’d be in this boat of women, but now that I am…might as well DIVE IN!

Check these post out:




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